Clinic Current State MapArray facilitated a process mapping event where a multi-disciplinary team mapped current clinic operations using post-it notes and markers. The conversations among departments led the team to realize that, from the patient’s perspective, improving flow system-wide was more important than optimizing individual processes.

Digitized Clinic Current State Map Upon completion, Array digitized the paper and post-its current state map, adding process times gathered from the system’s EMR to the map to show variation and average processing time.

Future State Materials Flow Map

A more detailed map of the materials flow helped guide participant discussions and visualizes potential areas for improvement.

Digitized Materials Flow Future State

Array also digitized the completed paper and post-it version of the future state materials flow map, making it easier to follow and share.

Clinic Future State Map

The clinic’s future state map, created with post-it notes, includes expected durations for each process step. In the current state, the patient clinical experience takes about 8.9 hours. The estimated future state duration is 7.2 hours.

Digitized Clinic Future State Map

Meeting attendees can share the digital version of the clinical future state map easily with other departments. We created it to closely represent the physical version. It includes some of the team’s high-level findings, as well as the names of all members who participated.

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