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As employees' eyes are opened
to how waste manifests
in their workflows, they begin
understanding the potential
avenues for applying lean tools.

Lean Practitioner Training


Array’s Lean Practitioner Course provides an overview of systems-thinking using the PDSA cycle as its framework for problem-solving. Participants will learn the history, philosophy, and principles of lean improvement. At the end of this three-day program, attendees should better understand how to identify waste in a process, uncover the root cause(s) of a problem, and formulate a countermeasure that takes into account the voice of the stakeholders. The Lean Practitioner Course is available as a certificate program if participants complete an improvement project following the class.


  • Three-day program covering the history and principles of lean.
  • Training in the Plan-Do-Study-Adjust (PDSA) problem solving methodology.
  • Interactive exercises that reinforce classroom learning.
  • Small group practice in utilizing an A3 to solve a problem.


“Jonathan and Laura created an environment in which participation was encouraged and valued, and facilitate constructive conversations around the material.”
June 2017 Course Participant

“Laura and Jonathan were actively engaged with the students and answered questions in a clear and concise manner. I think they did a great job of taking a massive amount of content and effectively summarizing it all over the course of just a few days.”
April 2017 Course Participant

“Laura and Jonathan were very good at explaining a process or tool and then following up with an example. They also took the time to fully answer questions and made sure everyone understood the current content before moving onto the next subject.”
November 2016 Course Participant