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“The data gathered by Array on the progress of the pandemic has been incredibly informative.“
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Thought Leadership

3 Ways Health Systems Need to Contend with Global Economic Trends

While the appetite for owning lives (capitation) has faded in some health systems and some value-based care policies are not being as strongly advocated by the federal government, it doesn’t mean the fundamentals have changed. […]

Technology Will Solve Health Systems' Strategic Planning Gap

The pursuit of solutions to help our clients drive the business of healthcare prompted Array to explore the widening gap between three critical functional areas within health systems: real estate acquisition and development; facilities operations; and, strategic planning. […]

Six Ways to Build Health Equity Through Healthy Buildings

There was a time not too long ago when the question “Do buildings impact health?” was up for debate. The conversation has finally shifted away from skeptics and towards leaders who are finding ways to design, build and manage facilities that prevent harm and heal people and the environment. […]