Not all opportunities to accommodate the needs of a growing physician practice require expanding the physical space. Array Advisors brings lean thinking and process optimization expertise to help define the problem in detail before exploring solutions. Process mapping, a deep dive into the practice’s daily operations, and simulation modeling were some of the steps Array took with the client (a specialty practice group located in suburban Philadelphia).

Using predictive analytics, Array provided the physicians with visuals of different scheduling and prep/recovery bay usage options. These illustrations allowed the physicians and clinical staff to reach consensus on the most effective utilization of their fourth procedure room without adding additional prep/recovery beds.

With patient satisfaction always top of mind for their practice, improving wait time satisfaction scores to 96% confirmed that their plan to schedule one less procedure a day in tandem with utilizing the fourth procedure room was the right choice to grow their business and accommodate more patients.

The case study below delves deeper into the steps taken to study the practice’s current workflow and find the best points in the patient’s journey to improve.