There are currently five generations of Americans receiving care from both traditional and emerging models within the healthcare industry. Medical professionals have the opportunity to be a part of the redesign for healthcare’s ever changing landscape. Healthcare needs innovation across every aspect of our industry to meet growing demands for new care, as well as new operational and business models.

Connected ConsumerThe number of constantly-connected consumers is growing, as is their desire is to have access to care everywhere. This is evidenced by the continued need for traditional brick and mortar primary care models, as well as on-demand telehealth models being presented as market competitors or working synergistically within organizations. What we want to avoid is poorly designed healthcare systems and processes. This can create personal frustration during difficult or vulnerable moments for patients and healthcare workers. Working with a firm specializing in healthcare design allows health system leaders to access deeper wells of creativity to build environments tailored to each individual interaction and care environment. As healthcare industry professionals, our goal should be to transform the industry so that providing and receiving care is easier and more meaningful for everyone.

To transform healthcare, we need to understand that change will be the new constant. Transformation is rarely orderly, and the search for constants and absolutes can be an attempt at steadying ourselves amidst a sea of change. The American philosopher Eric Hoffer stated, “in times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Transformation is going to require us all to be more adaptive and learn to build future models for healthcare through collaboration, imagination and courage.

Health systems and healthcare organizations have become trusted community partners. These relationships allow health systems to leverage community-driven innovation across the country and create opportunities to improve the health of individuals at the local level. The healthcare industry is at a historic inflection point and will see unprecedented changes for years to come. This is a good thing, because I find joy in understanding the root causes and challenges that inhibit us from providing the best care possible. I’m passionate about innovation and creating inclusive cultures. Transformation is a commitment to address the complexity of care needed by patients, the demand for access and high quality outcomes, cost reduction, and the enhanced experience for people receiving and providing care.

I am honored and privileged to be associated with a leading healthcare-exclusive design and consulting firm, and look forward to working with you and the change agents, disruptors and innovators at Array Advisors.

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Blog authored by Oriana Beaudet, former Vice President, Transformation for Array Advisors.