In February 2016, I was fortunate enough to be included by a well-known industry publication in their annual healthcare edition. As the year started anew, I was excited to share my thoughts on the direction of the state of healthcare as well as the changing dynamics in care delivery.

Building Design + Construction’s article, ‘Healthcare Providers Must Retool Operations,’ delves into how the healthcare industry is being transformed by a number of factors, and which healthcare trends will lead the way as change continues to be defined. I encourage you to read the article in full, bulleted below are just some of the highlights. I am interested in your reaction to the seven trends noted in the article’s sidebar. I think they pretty well touch on the direction we are heading, which, despite all the uncertainty, is an exciting direction for the healthcare industry.

Article Highlights
  • Smarter real estate portfolio decisions will enable systems to provide the right care in the right location
  • We are seeing a trend from the 1990s taking shape again – bringing physician groups into the system’s employee base
  • As employees bear more of the insurance premium, they begin to treat shopping for a health service more like retail comparision shopping
  • Consumers are realizing the convenience of their health services being coupled with wellness center offerings; savvy systems can capitalize
  • A focus on continuing-care is key as the population reaches the nexus point of baby boomers beginning to collect social security in large numbers