At the recent BOMA MOB conference, attendees who got a glimpse of Pivotal at work reacted with, Wow, we’ve been waiting for something like this for years!” The positive reactions were validating, but a more interesting question was posed during the event: What inspired a healthcare design firm to develop a technology solution like PivotalThis piece is my response to that great question. 

For Array, it started with doing what we do best: identify a critical problem, then study and develop a solution that helps our healthcare clients meet their business needs while attending to their mission and values. We created Pivotal to provide healthcare strategists with a dynamic tool to aid in making smart, profitable and data-driven business decisions in a fraction of the time it currently takes. We did it because we wanted to deliver outsized value to our clients, instead of a static master plan, which does not change while the market does. 

The first product to feature both market demand data (from our partners at Optum) and an integrated, end-to-end service line and real estate planning workflow, Pivotal helps organizations define market demand, understand consumer behavior, optimize location strategy and reduce risk in both operational and capital investment decisions. The platform features a geolocation (GIS) framework for users to visualize existing real estate assets, analyze competitors and drop pins to evaluate multiple service areas. The collaboration and scenario testing features of this enterprise solution allow healthcare strategists and administrators to make more informed strategic decisions. 



This cloudbased solution will bring strategic master planning into the 21st Century. Before Pivotal, strategic facilities master plans were products that, once delivered to the client, grew dusty on a shelf and revisited every five to 10 years. By transforming spreadsheets of data into streaming resources that can be continuously utilized and visualized in one enterprise solution, we are extending the life and value of master planning. 

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