A powerful business philosophy, Lean leads to improved delivery and increased value by eliminating waste and encouraging wholistic problem solving. Since its launch in 2016, 29% of Array’s employees have attended our Lean Practitioner Training course. Armed with the techniques they learned in the intense three-day program, Array’s employees have become more efficient problem solvers.

Array strongly believes that the PDSA approach to problem solving can be applied across all industries, as well as daily life. As more of our employees begin implementing lean techniques in their project delivery, we saw an opportunity to expand our Lean Practitioner Training course to other members of our project delivery teams. By doing so, our consultants, partners and clients can learn alongside of Array’s team as our journey to a fully Lean – led design approach continues.

Lean Training with Array, AKF and Medical Equipment ResourcesBy engaging external team members, we not only share our knowledge of lean, but also prepare future AEC teams to create more value for future clients. Promoting lean across the healthcare design and construction industry enables us to grow our organizations into more efficient and effective teams, teams that are delivering ehanced value for our clients.

Employees from AKF Group (MEP engineers), Medical Equipment Resources (medical equipment planners) and Array engaged in our most recent course at Array’s Conshohocken office. In addition to providing a solid foundation of the lean methodology, it provided this group—who frequently work together on healthcare design projects—with team-building opportunities.

“We had eight candidates go through the class with the spirit that this team will ‘bring it back home’ and work alongside [Array’s] team to strengthen our working relationship, and bring more value to our clients” noted David Moreno, a partner with AKF Group.

When the full complement of design professionals and consultants work, learn and innovate together, it not only strengthens the industry, but also results in more successful projects.

“A great, multifaceted group of people participated in our most recent lean course,” said Laura Silvoy, Healthcare Systems Engineer at Array. “All actively engaged with the content, leading to extended dialogue and a deeper understanding of the value of Lean. We look forward to this group using their new-found knowlegde on future design opportunities, and to continuing to offer the lean course to Array employees, as well as those outside our organization. Everyone can benefit from the principles of Lean.”