Lean Coffee is an opportunity for lean professionals to discuss ideas, experiences, issues and/or improvements in lean. It’s a structured, agenda-less meeting focused on topics that are important to the group.

Our Lean Coffee in the beginning of September was a huge success! We had a great group with varied backgrounds, which lead to some great discussion around a range of different topics. During the event, we even played a quick game that simulated the effects of batching using post-it notes and markers. The team was impressed by the range of supplies available in the Array Lean Facilitator Tool Kit.

Some of our discussions focused on healthcare, while others incorporated information about manufacturing tools. One tool that I learned about is called “standard work combination sheet (SWCS),” which is used to show walking, waiting, machine time and cycle time simultaneously. It seems like this chart is most often used in manufacturing settings, but I’m sure it could be applied to other sectors as well.

Time went by quickly as we worked through all of the topic ideas on the table.  The Philadelphia Lean Coffee group hopes to keep the conversation going, and I’m looking forward to our next lean coffee event. Join us for our next event at 10am Saturday, October 15, 2016 in the Food Court of the Shops at Liberty Place.