While working with a community hospital trying to solve its overcrowded emergency department, we began by observing and mapping their current state process. Space was tight and capital was scarce. There wasn’t going to be enough of either to do everything we wanted. We had to prioritize and be sure the project would yield the greatest possible value. As the process consultants, we worked to augment and support the architectural team. As they developed several good organizational models, it was important for the client to evaluate and select the optimal approach to support effective resource utilization.

The case study below describes how Array’s process-led approach enabled this health system improve patient satisfaction and emergency care.





A kaizen event is a three- to five-day improvement event that brings together a multi-disciplinary team to solve a problem and create a lasting change. We facilitate these events using consensus-based decision-making to ensure all voices are heard and each stakeholder supports the final decision.

In this client’s case, they engaged Array to improve their emergency department process and ensure that the new process would focus on providing high-quality, effective care to all patients.