How can your new project support your organization’s mission to serve your community while leveraging both your Capex and Opex dollars during its expected life cycle? It is this exact question that owners need to ask and AEC teams need to answer much more frequently.

Rushing to occupy and fully utilize the healthcare space as quickly and completely as possible often leads to overlooking the building’s bones and infrastructure. Figuring out how to optimally maintain them, as well as integrate them into an existing facilities management (FM) system or create a system for the new building and incorporate other structures on campus, should be a priority.

Building Informatics provides a comprehensive framework and repeatable procedures to collect all the information needed for repairs and maintenance during design and construction phases. Once a virtual hospital model exists, organizations can use its space and asset inventories for other purposes, such as indoor mapping solutions, energy use prediction, infection control planning, and disaster recovery assistance.

This downloadable publication provides an overview of the outcomes that are possible when owners and operators leverage their collective knowledge with an integrated platform.