In 2016, Array’s lean leaders worked to develop a Lean Practitioner Course to ensure that all staff understand how to find waste and improve the way they work. This three-day course teaches lean improvement history, philosophy and principles through the lens of the problem-solving methodology. Key stages of effective problem solving include identifying problems and exploring potential root causes. The PDSA approach emphasizes these steps and helps problem solvers focus deeply on the problem before exploring solutions. We believe that this approach can be applied across all industries, and leads to more permanent solutions grounded in a rich understanding of the problem.

To best serve our clients, the Array leadership team believes it is imperative to provide a foundational education in lean to all employees. As effective problem solvers, Array team members can work closely with clients to understand the full extent of current state. Through Gemba Mapping, our team establishes rapport with the project’s end-users, leading to honest discussions about current problems and an ideal workflow. After establishing this detailed understanding, our teams can focus on developing solutions to meet the goals and vision of each client in a unique and thoughtful way.

Lean Practitioner Taining: Improving the Way We Deliver ProjectsThe skills attendees learn during the Lean Practitioner Course extend beyond client interactions. Improving the way we deliver projects leads to more efficient operations and greater value in the final design. As employees’ eyes are opened to how waste manifests in their workflows, they begin understanding the potential avenues for applying lean tools.

Array is committed to developing proficient problem solvers who are constantly seeking ways to improve their workflows, resulting in a cultural shift to continuous process improvement.

After taking the Lean Practitioner Course, participants understand what waste is; how to identify it and determine the root cause; and, how to develop viable countermeasures. These techniques apply to all industries, including daily life. Throughout the course, we use a variety of examples to illustrate the universal application of lean tools. From farming to healthcare; automotive production to professional services; lean, a powerful business philosophy, leads to improved delivery and increased value by eliminating waste from all processes in an organization.

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