“The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.”  – Steve Jobs

Every dollar is scrutinized in healthcare today, and there’s a big buzz around technology integration. It’s factual that developments are advancing with 3D printing, which allows replacement tissue implants for vital organs in the body. Straight out of a sci-fi movie, we are embarking upon partial livers being fabricated, 3D-printed “patches” used in hospitals to simulate bones and other body parts, while physicians and patients are communicating without either of them traveling outside their homes.

Consider wearable technology devices. They start your car, open you door, pay your groceries and even tell you how many calories you’ve consumed; a single device that makes your world smart and easy. Imagine a world in which everything around us, our belongings, our homes, our streets, our health status, everything…seamlessly and invisibly integrated. Functionality like telemedicine, touchless NFC technology, sensors and RFID are reshaping the healthcare environment.Technology Integration

How does a healthcare organization plan for the evidence seen only through the crystal ball? It’s similar to investing in the stock market. All the careful planning in the world cannot prevent change. With change often comes cost; unseen expenses, new designs to accommodate the environment, technology, tools, staff and patients’ paradigms shift.

In order to stay ahead of the technology curve, concoct an agnostic platform for advancing the delivery of outstanding healthcare and to set an organization in a position with the strongest competitive edge, it is crucial to involve insight from a multitude of stakeholders, especially the technology designers. Visionaries, who understand the current state, yet are able to steer organizations toward optimal future state, are invaluable when it comes to the most efficient integration.

We believe that bringing these key stakeholders together to discuss and work toward an ideal future state enables them to quickly identify and transcend current barriers. Click the icon below to see how our experts can assist your system.

Blog authored by Mary Ann Derr, Array Advisors’ former Transformation Services Advisor.