The Erosion of Trust in Healthcare Whitepaper CoverHealthcare in 2040 will be high tech, catered to the individual, and powered by a workforce that has been remolded, according to a new forecast by Array Advisors.

Authored by Neil Carpenter, Jillian Barbaro, Isabelle Moratti, and Alexandra Laramee, the new four-part white paper is informed by interviews with 16 leading healthcare executives, supplemental research, and analysis. Four major trends emerged and are explored as installments in the paper:

  • Deterioration of trust: following the societal trend, patients will no longer simply listen to what the provider says. As the care delivery process becomes more participative, what are the implications?
  • Segmentation of healthcare: the big sort is coming to healthcare practices, and different demographics will demand different focuses.
  • Whole person care: an integrated vision of health will mean a much broader definition of physical and mental wellbeing, with less traditional providers and methods of care
  • Evolution of healthcare settings and employment: a major shift in how health care dollars are spent coming. Discover how care settings and the workforce will be the key drivers.

In combination, the sections of the paper forecast a healthcare future that is high tech, hyperfocused, highly personalized, and grounded in an emerging type of workforce that will leverage automation to reduce the need for administrative support and rise to the increased demand for select health services.

Going beyond most common forecasts, which typically focus five to 10 years into the future, the authors instead look toward 2040 to grant valuable insights to health system executives, providers, and policymakers seeking strategies for longevity.

The complete white paper is now available. Select your section of interest in the bulletpoints or above of click below to read the first installment.

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