We believe that lean is an operational strategy that can be used to achieve specific goals defined by your organization. We help you develop a strategy to implement improvements that lead to substantial future successes. 

Bringing all of the stakeholders to the table for a conversation about improvement strategy aligns all areas of the organization with its goals. From process design to transformation planning, we begin all endeavors by considering your process before exploring solutions. One proven tool we use to do this is a kaizen event, as well as swift, targeted multi-disciplinary workshops geared toward helping clients assess their current state, map out patient flows, identify opportunities for improvement, and establish an ideal future state. 




A kaizen event is a three- to five-day improvement event that brings together an interdisciplinary team to solve a problem and create a lasting change. We facilitate these events using consensus-based decision-making to ensure all voices are heard and each stakeholder supports the final decision.

In this client’s case, they engaged Array to improve flow and reduce waiting times. We led them through a kaizen event that resulted in significant improvements in the emergency department’s check-in and triage process.