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Throughput Analysis

The processing rates of each step combine to create total throughput time. Steps with longer durations that occur later in the process create bottlenecks, and non-value-added waiting time will increase the time it takes to get through the system. Array’s experienced team works with you to determine the optimal process-steps configuration that maximizes the value quotient in your system.


A new clinical space needed to house three existing clinics currently operating in three separate parts of the building. The goal was to reduce patient waiting times and determine how many exam rooms were necessary to support the growing patient population.


Observing workflow across all three clinics revealed that, despite serving different patient populations, their operating processes were very similar. Array developed a simulation model to test various patient throughput scenarios. This model proved that sharing resources improved patient throughput and satisfaction while optimizing resource utilization. This data allowed leadership and users to be confident that combining their clinics would not reduce throughput and would actually enable greater growth within the existing space.