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Strategic Decision Support

Every day, we make choices. They can be trivial, only affecting a small group; they can also be critical, affecting many aspects of an organization. Array’s trusted advisors can assist with your next strategic decision so you can see the impacts of your options before choosing. Utilizing proven techniques, we provide a range of custom analysis options that focus on your specific need.


Provide high-level decision support around emergency department capacity to executive-level team. Present options that optimize complimentary services and minimize capital spending.


Array uses a discrete event simulation model to produce a high-level, decision support resource. Building a model with readily available data, including average length of stay, patient acuity mix and arrival rates, resulted in the swift turn-around of a tool that answered one strategic question, “Should we use a universal resource for observation and the emergency department?” The model can help the executive team see the results of various scenarios in a quick, concise manner so they can make a strategic decision supported by data analysis.