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Resource Utilization

A resource is anything that aids the movement of work through a system. Organizations hope to optimize their resources’ utilization because they typically have an associated cost, which decreases with higher utilization. After determining ways to maximize throughput and implement flow, we can ensure full utilization of resources without creating non-value-adding process steps.


Determine an appropriate number of resources for a new registration process in an ambulatory center family practice. Understand the impact of adding kiosks in combination with conventional in-person check-in. Help staff understand resource utilization and the impact of changes to the current process.


Using discrete event simulation, Array developed a simulation model to represent the current registration system. Throughout the model’s creation, staff provided feedback and quickly recognized the model as a credible representation of their current system. Staff trusted the model’s accuracy and used it as a decision-making tool to quantify the number of resources needed for their newly developed registration process.