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Kaizen Events

A kaizen event is a three- to five-day improvement event that brings together an interdisciplinary team to solve a problem and create a lasting change. We facilitate these events using consensus-based decision-making to ensure all voices are heard and each stakeholder supports the final decision.


A community health system struggled to accommodate the evolving care model within their old nurse station on a busy step down unit. With limited resources and space, they wanted to understand what improvements would yield the greatest value.


Array performed a two-day kaizen event to assess and develop a solution. The event began with both management and front-line staff setting goals and objectives. Observation and data collection helped the team see inefficiencies, which helped inform their desired future state. Using full-scale cardboard mock-ups, the team developed and rapidly tested the optimal solution.

"Thank you so much for making this such a successful process for us! The simulation modeling was an excellent suggestion and I am so glad we did it."
- Laurie Daccarett, Manager of Planning, Construction & Real Estate, Martin Health System