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Change Management

Array recognizes that the complexity of change within healthcare requires holistic solutions to meet your strategic needs through collaboration, innovation, empathy, and process excellence. Health systems are driving change initiatives, requiring leaders to build adaptive models that create momentum, resulting in the sustainable implementation of an improvement culture. Our team understands that to improve healthcare we need to build collaborative structures to support your organizational needs.


Today’s healthcare leaders have numerous ongoing and consecutive change initiatives, which are critical to an organization’s ability to deliver high-quality, value-based care. The pull between building and driving strategic direction while balancing daily operations can limit or impede organizational progress.


Our change management approach is fundamentally grounded in clearly identifying problems using a transparent and inclusive technique, before generating solutions. With this methodology, stakeholders and team members are less likely to jump to solutions before understanding the true goals and challenges of large, complex projects and initiatives. Our approach also acknowledges the multidisciplinary nature of complex systems. At each decision point, we return to our core lenses of quality, patient satisfaction, efficiency, and financial performance to evaluate options comprehensively, avoiding singular voices and quick fixes that keep us from finding the best solutions.