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“The data gathered by Array on the progress of the pandemic has been incredibly informative.“
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Thought Leadership

3 Ways Health Systems Need to Contend with Global Economic Trends

While the appetite for owning lives (capitation) has faded in some health systems and some value-based care policies are not being as strongly advocated by the federal government, it doesn’t mean the fundamentals have changed. […]

Twin Hurricanes of Flu and COVID-19 Introduce Surge Resilience Challenges

Hospitals are about to face the twin hurricanes of flu and COVID-19. To illustrate the different nature of the hospitalization patterns for flu and COVID- 19, Array Advisors has overlayed the weekly hospitalizations rate per 100,000 during the first 30 weeks of the most recent flu season (2019-2020) with the most recent 30 weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic for a sample of four states. […]

An Engineer, an Architect and a Nurse on Healthcare Improvement

Our podcast provides each of our diverse perspectives and you'll can see how the common thread of healthcare improvement ties us all together. […]