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Discovering Your
Healthcare Solutions Together.
The challenges you face are not unique, but your solutions should be.
Through a partnership of Strategy and Transformation we help you achieve and sustain.

Thought Leadership

Clinical Labs: Planning for the Future

Are you considering renovating an existing laboratory or considering a new laboratory? Planning a new clinical laboratory can be a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to figure out how to maximize existing space or grow while remaining operational. […]

Developing Lean Practitioners

To best serve our clients, the Array leadership team believes it is imperative to provide a foundational education in lean to all employees. As effective problem solvers, Array team members can work closely with clients to understand the full extent of the current state. […]

Transformation Can be Messy - Embrace It!

There are currently five generations of Americans receiving care from both traditional and emerging models within the healthcare industry. Healthcare needs innovation across every aspect of our industry to meet growing demands for new care, as well as new operational and business models. Medical professionals have the opportunity to be a part of the redesign for healthcare's ever changing landscape. […]


Integrated Services

We are strategy.

We help position our clients for success in tomorrow’s uncertain market. Using Lean and Design Thinking, we help them solve strategic business problems and achieve organizational transformation.

We are design.

We lead our clients through complex design analysis through discovery, exploration, insight and engagement. Our passion is to design solutions that help people in the moments that matter most.

We are technology.

We understand healthcare is complex and in flux. Our platforms make complex decisions easier, helping our clients make critical decisions which satisfy strategy and business models of tomorrow.

We are ARRAY - using a process-led, data-informed approach to manage risk, optimize assets and transform the healthcare environment for all.