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Thought Leadership

Transformation Can be Messy - Embrace It!

There are currently five generations of Americans receiving care from both traditional and emerging models within the healthcare industry. Healthcare needs innovation across every aspect of our industry to meet growing demands for new care, as well as new operational and business models. Medical professionals have the opportunity to be a part of the redesign for healthcare's ever changing landscape. […]

Architects and the Impact of Commoditization

In the design business, commoditization is the market movement to undifferentiated price competition and from monopolistic to perfect competition. The key aspect of commoditization is that clients see little distinction between firms, and therefore, more often than not, hire their architect based on price, not the perceived value of service or expertise. […]

Clinical Labs: Planning for the Future

Are you considering renovating an existing laboratory or considering a new laboratory? Planning a new clinical laboratory can be a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to figure out how to maximize existing space or grow while remaining operational. […]