The Team Center – Where the Nursing Unit Revolves

An ideal team center is designed around an efficient work flow. As healthcare designers, we apply the tenets of evidence-based design, understanding that each team center is user-specific and an intricate mechanism for patient care. We lead in-depth focus groups, mock-up sessions with users and participate in user flow analyses to ensure the solution reflects the mission, values and vision of each client. The hallmarks of success are improved workflow, greater staff satisfaction and a healthier knowledge-sharing environment that positively effects patient care. The case study below details the efforts around providing an optimal team center layout for a client in Ohio.



About the Author

Nathan Cebula

Nathan CebulaAs an associate at Array Architects, Nathan has worked on projects of all scales – typically taking them from planning through to construction. Each project is a new and exciting experience knowing the outcome directly effects the wellbeing of its patients. Since graduating from Kent State with both bachelor and master degrees of architecture and environmental design, he focused his career on healthcare design due to his lifelong passion for lending a helping hand and intrigue of the medical field.








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